Dez Bryant wants to play two more seasons but not with Ravens

The Ravens weren’t expected to bring back Dez Bryant anyway, but the receiver made clear in a series of tweets Tuesday night, that he has no interest in returning. Bryant, 32, played six games, making six catches for 47 yards and two touchdowns, in his return to football after two years out of the game. […]


Nonconscious brain modulation to remove fears, increase confidence could offer relieve from PTSD and phobias

Machine learning-based training of brain activity has led to exciting developments: reducing fears, changing preferences, and even increasing confidence. Unfortunately, data to better understand the mechanisms of brain self-regulation remain scarce. A group of researchers from Japan, the U.S. and Canada have joined forces to release the largest existing dataset of the sort. In recent […]


‘A Complete Bungle’: Texas’ Energy Pride Goes Out With Cold

Anger over Texas’ power grid failing in the face of a record winter freeze continued to mount Wednesday as millions of residents in the energy capital of the U.S. remained shivering with no assurances that their electricity and heat — out since Monday in many homes — would return soon or stay on once it […]


After Xiaomi, Oppo Teases Its Wireless Air Charging Tech That Will Power Smartphone Over-the-Air

Oppo has teased its new wireless charging technology at the ongoing Mobile World Congress (MWC) Shanghai 2021. The Wireless Air Charging solution powers the battery wirelessly even when the device is in the air, without any cables. Oppo’s new Wireless Air Charging tech was showcased in a video, and the company is likely to improve […]


Woman quits job and moves to France to live in van with man she’s known 3 days

When Rachel Horne went on a solo holiday to Spain, she was desperately unhappy with her life. She was working in dementia and end of life care – a job she says left her feeling “trapped and helpless”. But the trip ended up changing her life as she met “love of her life” Florian Roquais […]


Prevalence data suggest increasing trend of psoriasis with age

A clear bimodal age pattern exists in psoriasis onset, and prevalence shows an increasing trend with age until 60 or 70 years, according to a review published in the February issue of the British Journal of Dermatology. Ireny Y.K. Iskandar, Ph.D., from the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom, and colleagues conducted a systematic […]


Mexico’s president says new agreement to help Pemex lower tax burden

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said on Thursday that a new agreement will come into force to once again reduce the tax burden on state oil company Pemex. The loss-making oil giant has received vast financial support from Lopez Obrador’s government, which has made it a priority to clean up Pemex’s finances and turn […]


Dream of mid-air wireless charging teased with rollable Oppo X

Oppo has teased a new wireless charging solution that works when a phone is up to 10 cm (3.9 inches) away from a charging pad. The company has shown off its Wireless Air Charging tech in a 30-second clip on its Weibo page to coincide with MWC Shanghai. The clip shows the Oppo X 2021 […]


Tiny part of your shower you’re probably forgetting to clean – and it’s grim

A professional cleaner has revealed the one part of your shower you’re probably neglecting. TikTok user @thebigcleanco pointed out that at the bottom of most shower doors is a little plastic strip that can get full of gunk. And now that you know that, you’ll be pleased to hear that it can actually be removed. […]